Truth Seekers In Adoption
Adoption Support Group, Illinois
To provide support to adoptees, birthparents and adoptive parents before, during and after their decision to or not to search in a caring, compassionate and non-judgmental environment.
All adoptee's, birthparent's, and adoptive parent's feelings will be validated in a way that will lead to healing and growth.  That, through Truth Seeker's endeavor we can prepare those who are ready to search so that they will have the most positive reunion.
We will honor the bond that was formed during conception, pregnancy and delivery.  We will also honor the attachment that is formed within the adoptive family.  We will treat everyone who attends our  meetings with respect, dignity and the right to their feelings.  We will trust each other enough to allow each person to be open.  We will listen without interrupting.  We will offer advice when asked.  We will care for each other's choices in their decisions and be supportive.